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✤ Holding Strong ✤ Lori Foster ✤ Ultimate #2 ✤

© Bianca ✰ 

• MMA Fighter Romance
Ultimate Series #2
• release date: 31 Marcch 2015
• 480 pages
• Book #3 Tough Love will be out in August!
check out my reviews for book #0.5 & #1

5 Stars

An up-and-coming MMA fighter wants more than just one night from a woman fleeing her past in Lori’s irresistible new novel.

Heavyweight fighter Denver Lewis plays real nice, but he doesn’t share. That’s why he’s been avoiding top-notch flirt Cherry Peyton. But a man can only resist those lush curves for so long. Their encounter surpasses all his fantasies, bringing out protective urges that Cherry’s about to need more than she knows

Denver’s combination of pure muscle and unexpected tenderness has been driving Cherry wild. Yet no sooner does she get what she’s been craving than old troubles show up on her doorstep. And this time, Cherry can’t hide behind a carefree façade. Because the man by her side is one who’ll fight like hell to keep her safe
if only she’ll trust him enough to let him

We all remember Denver & Cherry from the first books in the series.
Denver is one of the fighters in Cannon Colter's gym in Warfield, Ohio. Denver recently signed with SBC, the big fighting association, but is still living and training in Warfield. Cherry is the roommate of Colton's sister Merissa.
Both Denver & Cherry have been totally attracted to each other ever since they first met....but Denver never tried anything because he thought Cherry was too much of a partygirl and a flirt... she talked and flirted to all the guys at the gym.
But she's not interested in any of the guys - she's totally in love with Denver.
And when they both meet at a bar in a town two hours from home, after one of Armie's fights, they finally both give in to the attraction.

They spend an amazing night together....and it could've been an amazing morning too, but two things happen....
First, Cherry must've caught the bug that's been going around lately; fever and all....but Denver, and Armie too, take care of her and bring her medicine etc.
And then there's the problem with her 'Family'. Three dangerous looking guys have been asking about her. But she's scared and doesn't want anything to do with them. But there's still more that she's not telling Denver...

And of course we also hear a lot about Armie and how ex-fighter Havoc tries to get him to sign with the SBC....but for whatever reason, Armie doesn't want to.... plus he's still totally in love with Cannon's sister and then there's the other fighter Stack, who's had a crush on Vanity ever since she came to town - we'll get to hear their story soon!!!!!!


I'm not telling you that of course ☺



When you've read the prequel to this new series: HARD KNOCKS, and then Cannon's story NO LIMITS, you already know all about the fighters and their possible future girls.
Now we finally get to hear Denver & Cherry's story.
And what a HOT story it was.
Unlike many romance novels this one already starts really sexy.
They meet at the bar and end up in bed...phew!!!!!
And Denver is such a hot guy - and a nice guy - and a smart guy ..... grrrrrr

I really loved the story. There was so much sexiness in it and the suspensy parts with those three bad guys and all the funny moments with Armie and the guys. ...
I loved how it wasn't this horribly long story before they finally get together - this is a book where they almost get together in the first chapters....Yeah, there are lots of problems to overcome with both their families, but I really enjoyed reading that all.

Something I especially enjoy about this series...this FIGHTER, that it's not really about the fighting - we barely see any professional fighting or any kind of fights, other than with the bad guys in the suspensy parts of the books ☺ I'm not such a huge fan of the whole MMA or boxing or wrestling thing ☺

PLUS - we get a tiny little Cannon Bonus Scene at the end ☺☺☺

HOLDING STRONG  - was an amazingly beautiful & verrrry sexy & suspensy Romance!
You'll love it!!!!!

I WOULD SOOO LOVE IT if someone would make a TV-series out of the Ultimate Series - just so we could stare and fangirl at Cannon & Denver & Stack & Armie etc. all day long!!!! Oooh and don't forget Rowdy and his buddies from the previous series and Havoc and colleagues from Lori's older fighter series - they're around in Holding Strong too ☺☺

Now I can't wait for the other books in this series!!!
TOUGH LOVE will be book #3 - coming soon.

....and after that - whoooooopeeeee: FINALLY ARMIE'S & MERISSA'S BOOK!!!!! ♥

ARC received via Netgalley for an honest review

If you have read the first two books in this series, you will already know a bit about our man Denver and his lust for Cherry.

Well, fasten your seat belts and keep arms and legs inside the carriage, as you are about to get taken on one heck of a ride!

Denver Lewis has been pining/lusting/drooling/panting over Cherry Peyton since the first time he saw her, and finally, FINALLY a move is made... by Cherry!!

You know what I really liked about this installment of the Ultimate series?  Our main characters got together early on in the pieces.  None of this will they or won't they bizzo - since it has kinda sorta played out in the previous book.  Nope, they get things sorted pretty early in the piece - thank you Ms Foster!

But while they do get it on early in the book, there is so much going on around Denver and Cherry that will keep you intrigued.  Lots of suspensey kinds of things that are going on, things from Cherry's past that are coming back to haunt her.

I love that this series is not all about the MMA fighting.  Yes, all our hotties are MMA fighter, but they are so much more, and so are their stories. Don't get my wrong, I love watching MMA!  But these guys are sexy, smart, funny... did I mention sexy?   And what I think is one of the sexiest things about them all is the care for each other and they way they all look out for each other.   

You can't help but fall in love with all the guys and gals.  Especially Armie.  What are we going to do about Armie?  He is just the best.  He is rude and crude.. and we love him for it.  I wish it was his book next.

Not that I am complaining though as we get Stack and Vanity next, and man oh man the build up to their story.  You just know it is going to be steamy.

Now, off to Youtube some MMA to get my perv on!





Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly and New York Times bestselling author. Lori has published through a variety of houses, including Kensington, St. Martin’s, Harlequin, Silhouette, Samhain, and Berkley/Jove. She is currently published with HQN.

Lori hosts a very special annual “Reader & Author” event in West Chester, Ohio. Proceeds from the event have benefited many worthy causes, including the Hamilton County YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter, the Animal Adoption Foundation, The Conductive Learning Center for children with spina bifida and cerebral palsy, and The One Way Farm, Children’s Home.

Each year Lori donates all proceeds from one book to charity. You can see the benefit romance books here:

✿ Tempting Bad ✿ M. Robinson ✿ Review ✿


Ive come from a privileged life and an even more privileged upbringing. My parents taught me right from wrong and everything in between except I wanted the gray area. I wanted to live life on the edge with the possibility of falling over. I didnt care about the consequences because I had no heart
I left that on the floor of my parents bedroom door, shattered.
And never went back to pick up the pieces.

Family first.
I learned the meaning of the word hate.
I learned that life is a battlefield and I stood frontline.
I learned that praying doesnt work and God doesnt listen.
And I learned how to be a man
All at the receiving end of my fathers fists, my mothers tears, and my sisters screams.
You cant run away from your past
It will always find you, especially when youre asleep.

Warning: Book contains adult situations.
Sex/language. Mature readers only

ARC received for an honest review

Oh my gosh, M. Robinson has done it again!

I have loved her work from the minute I picked up VIP, and her work just keeps on getting better and better.

If you have read the the VIP series (which you don't need to have done to read Tempting Bad) you have already met Devon and Brooke.

This is not a sweet, hearts and flowers romance.  It is gritty, it is dark, it is emotional.  And I LOVE it!

Devon is Ysabelle from VIP's best male friend, and Brooke is her best friend from working at VIP.

Now we need to ask ourselves - "Can two broken people really heal each other?"

From the minute we met Brooke in VIP,  I was intrigued.  Who was this woman?  What was her story?  What drover her to become a VIP.

And woah!  What a story hers is!  Her happy life is shattered when she is 16, and it sets her on the road to VIP.  16 is when she turns her back on love and leads her to be the woman she is today.

She is such a strong woman.  She knows what she wants, when she wants it, and no one, and I mean no one is going to tell her what to do or get her to change.  

"I was the girl your parents warned you about.  The one they told you not to trust.  The one to stay away from.  The one that could break your heart, and go back for more.  Just because I could."

Oh Devon.  This man has to have the biggest, most open heart of any man.  He put his life on hold as a teen, and now it is time for him to finally live and love for himself.

Oh boy, when their worlds collide, just hang on for the ride as it is an 

Brooke and Devon are just two beautiful, broken souls.  I just wanted to give them both a big hug, tell them that things are going to get better, they just have to get better.  They see each other - really see each other like no one has ever done before.

Can two people so broken ever feel whole again?

"What happens if you were half a person to begin with?  I knew the answer.  Devon.  He completed me.  We were both halvesw, who made each other whole.  I hated him... That's a lie.  I hated myself."

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading Tempting Bad.  Could they do it?  Could they make it and be each other's everything.  I sooooo wanted them to open up to each other, to trust each other - hard when they have not been able to trust those closest to them in their lives.  They deserve love, they deserve happiness. I want it for them damn it!

Do they get it?  Nope, for that you are going to have to read for yourself.

I loved that we got a little more of Ysabelle and Sebastian from VIP in this book. 

M Robinson knows how to write a hot, steamy book, but it is more than that.  There is so much emotion in her stories, I couldn't help but shed a tear or two for our lovelies.

Every book I read of hers just gets better and better, and I can't wait to see what she has for us next.



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♪ Deep (Stage Dive #4) ♪ Kylie Scott ♪

Positive. With two little lines on a pregnancy test, everything in Lizzy Rollins' ordinary life is about to change forever. And all because of one big mistake in Vegas with Ben Nicholson, the irresistibly sexy bass player for Stage Dive. So what if Ben's the only man she's ever met who can make her feel completely safe, cherished, and out of control with desire at the same time? Lizzy knows the gorgeous rock star isn't looking for anything more permanent than a good time, no matter how much she wishes differently.

Ben knows Lizzy is off limits. Completely and utterly. She's his best friend's little sister now, and no matter how hot the chemistry is between them, no matter how sweet and sexy she is, he's not going to go there. But when Ben is forced to keep the one girl he's always had a weakness for out of trouble in
Sin City, he quickly learns that what happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay there. Now he and Lizzie are connected in the deepest way possible...but will it lead to a connection of the heart?

ARC received from St Martin's Press via Netgalley for an honest review

This is the fourth and final instalment in the Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott *cue sad face* but you could read this as a standalone -but why would you want to miss out on any of the sexiness that is the men of Stage Dive.

You know what it is like - you are told you can't have something, so that just makes it more desirable.  Not saying that is exactly how it is with Ben but you will get the gist when you read Deep.

Ben has always been a bit of an enigma wrapped up in riddle.  A playboy to the end (or is he??), I have been impatiently waiting to get his story.

And what a story his and Lizzy make!

Unlike the unexpected pregnancy to end the story that we get so often, Deep starts of with the pregnancy and we are taken along for the ride as our darlings try to figure out what kind of relationship they can/will/want to have.

Gah, Ben, you big jerk!  You made me cry more than once - not for good reasons though!  Your flip-flopping, the way you were treating Lizzy - GAH!  I wanted to slap the crap out of you most of the time.

And Lizzy, oh how my heart broke for you over and over as the story unfolded.  You can't help who you fall for, even when you know it is a bad choice.

There is so much tension in Deep. Sexual tension between Ben and Lizzy, tension between the members of Stage Dive, the whole Stage Dive family really.  I just wanted to get them all in a big group hug and tell them that it was all going to be OK.

So, do Lizzy and Ben have enough feelings between them to make a go of a relationship and family?  Can Ben give up his playboy ways?  Or is enough finally enough and will Lizzy walk away?

Uh-uh, for that you are going to have to read for yourself.

I loved that we got more of each of the Stage Dive men and the women who tamed them.  Each of them holds a special place in my heart.

So as sad as it is to say goodbye to them, now we can see what bigger and brighter things Kylie Scott has for us now!


✿ Give Me All Of You ✿ F L Jacob ✿ Review ✿

Beth Emmons would not allow herself fall in love. Shed been burned in the worst way possible, leaving her with a secret that made her the black sheep of the family. 

Jake Martin wasnt looking for love. After his true love married another, he kept to himself and lived the life of a bachelor. 

When their paths crossed in Mexico, they couldnt get enough of each other. Beth kept to her friends with benefits plan, while Jake wanted more. A pregnancy scare caused Beth to run from Jake. Jake gave Beth the space she needed even if it was going to kill him. 

Christmas at the Black Hollywood Club reunited them and made them stronger.  Now, the family Beth wanted to  forget pops back
into her life needing her full attention.

All the while, Beth
s secret is busting at the seams causing her to once
again distance herself from Jake. Jake decides enough is enough and vows to fight for the love of his life, his real true love.

Will Beth be able to give herself to Jake? Can Jakes love give Beth the
strength she needs, or will her secrets cause them to fall apart again, leaving them shattered . . . unable to pick up the pieces. 

*Give Me All of You is book 3 is the Black Hollywood Series. It can be read as a standalone.



The lightening shines again in our room and she rolls to face me. Her beautiful lips are puckered and her cheeks are stained with tears from earlier. I slide into bed and pull her close to me. She snuggles right up and my heart feels like it is going to explode. This is so right. How can she not realize it?

My eyes slowly shut and Im off into a peaceful sleep with the love of my life.

It feels as though my eyes just shut when I am jolted awake by Beth screaming out into the night. The blood curdling sound has me on my feet before I even know what is going on. I try to blink the sleep from my eyes and focus on the room.

Thats when I see her. In bed curled into a fetal position shaking uncontrollably. Beth, Beth baby, whats wrong? She doesnt loosen the grip on her legs. I dont want to scare her any more than she is.

She jerks away from me when I place a hand on her shoulder trying to calm her. If its possible I think she actually curls into herself even more. I need her to focus on me. Moving swiftly around the bed to be in front of her, I crouch down to her eye level.

Beth, I need you to look at me. I move the matted hair away from her eyes. It takes a few minutes before I see her white knuckles move and start gaining color. Then her eyes meet mine. They seem so empty and scared.
When she finally seems to focus, she lunges at me. I move quickly to catch her body flying at me. If I didnt know she was truly scared out of her mind, I would have laughed because she knocks me on my ass.

I just hold her. Caress her back and hair. She isnt crying. If I had to guess Id say she is in some sort of shock. Time seems to stand still. Then her body starts shaking again. Beth, shhhhh, its going to be okay. Please talk to me. Im right here. Im not going anywhere.

Her breathing seems to calm down and the shaking slows. Whered you go baby? Come back to me. Feeling like I can move without scaring her, I cradle her to my chest and move to the bed again. Siting her on my lap, I rest my back on the headboard.

She looks up and tries to back out of my embrace. Oh God, Jake, Im so sorry. Her hands try to cover her face. That hasnt happened to me since I was in school. Fuck how embarrassing.

Grabbing her hands I pull them away. You said you wouldnt shut me out. Elizabeth look at me. What happened?

Her face falls and she looks away.

ARC received for an honest review

Give Me All Of is a spin off of the Black Hollywood series, but could be read as a stand alone - though this is a great series, so I would read them all.

The road to true happiness is never an easy one, and Jake and Beth's relationship has been rocky.  To say it is an

**insert emotional rollercoaster gif** would be an understatement.

Beth's past is determining her future.  She can't seem to get past it, and it is playing havoc with her relationship with Jake.  Jake is holding of on for dear life, never going to allow Beth to run away again.

Jake is completely and irrevocably in love with Beth, and it pains him that she won't allow herself to be with him completely.

We all know that secrets in a relationship can't be a good thing, but what will Jake do when he finds out Beth's?  What will happen when Beth receives news that knocks her world off its axis?

I was such a cheerleader for Jake and Beth to get their relationship where it needed to be.  My heart kept breaking for Jake as he kept fighting for Beth to stay with him.  There is so much love between them but will it be enough when one loves more freely than the other?

Will the get their HEA???

Nope, you will have to read and find out for yourself!

I loved that we got more of Caston and Sabrina Black in this book.  I loved that we got a bit of a continuation of their story through Beth.

And I couldn't help but adore Beth's brother Maxx!

F.L Jacob has written a beautiful story that tackles some pretty hard issues, and she has done it well.  The emotions rolled off the pages, the story flowed well and kept me interested from the word go.

I can't wait to see what she gives us next.




I am a mommy of two, wife to an amazing man, and full time employee. Life is crazy and busy! I started writing again during a darker time in my life in a group write in a Facebook group. They brought back my passion for writing that I havent felt since high school and helped me through hard times.

Starting this process was tedious and nerve-wracking, but my amazing ladies and my fabulous husband have inspired me to take my love for writing to the next step.

My current books are Have I Told You, I Won't Give Up on You, A Very Merry Black Hollywood Christmas, all part of the Black Hollywood Series. Coming Soon will be Give Me All of You, book 3 in the BH Series.

Coming later 2015, One in a Million. New Characters, New story, Standalone! More information coming soon.

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