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The inseparable are well and truly split.

Mack, Faith and Lacey, joined at the hip since primary school, are about to graduate high school. You might think this sounds like a book about coming-of-age and taking that leap into adulthood.

It is except one of them doesnt make it

Lacey Marone had two solid things on her agenda for her future working in the Pepperoni Palace until she figured out what the hell to do with her life, and getting together with her besties older brother, Quade, who shes crushed on since she was a kid.

Then graduation night changed everything. Almost three years later, Lacey wont rest until she discovers the truth surrounding Faiths death. Shes outcast by those who want to move on from the tragedy, as if the towns sweetheart never existed.

Years after losing Faith, Quade Kelly returns home to Runaway Beach, determined to mend ties with his parents and cement a future in his hometown teaching at the local primary school. Quade soon learns that his sisters ghost lives on, thanks to Lacey, the girl who still owns a piece of his heart.

Lacey is hung up on her quest for answers. Quade wants to bury his failures of the past. The pull between them cant be denied but can the past be forgotten?

Truths will be uncovered and hearts will be cracked open wide. After all, graduation was never meant to end like this.

ARC received for an honest review


That right there ^^ is what I took from reading Losing Faith.

Lacey Marone didn't just lost her best friend the night that Faith Kelly died.  She lost her other best friend, she lost family, the lost the boy she loved.

But what she hasn't lost is her sense of purpose.  As much as it has cost her, is still costing her, she won't give up until she finds what she is after.

Enter Quade - the one that got away.  Well, ran away really.  Right from the start you can feel that pull between Lacey and Quade, and you can't hope that they will make their way back to each other.

As the story continues, my heart hurt for both Lacey and Quade, knowing what we know and what they are after.
Lacey is so full of compassion, of love, of heartache.  I just wanted to wrap her up in a big ol' hug.

I adore adore adore Lacey's parents, and in particular her dad, and I defy to you feel any different when you are reading.

There is a real sense of whodunnit running through Losing Faith.  But Ms Ryder keeps us guessing right until the last minute to find out who does what.

I was drawn into the lives of the people of Runaway Beach.  I laughed, I got sad, I smiled from ear to ear, I wanted to bitch slap people at different times in the story.

Thank you Ms Ryder for writing such a wonderful story.

Now off to read Seeking Faith.

 The inseparable are well and truly split.

Mack, Faith and Lacey, joined at the hip since they were kids, are about to graduate high school. You might think this sounds like a book about coming-of-age and taking that leap into adulthood.

It isexcept one of them doesnt make it

Mackenzie Carter has one solid thing on the agenda for her futureget out of town and focus on her post-school studies. After all, shes wanted to be a vet since she was a little girl, and nothing, not the thought of being apart from her two best mates or the idea that maybe shes got more-than-friendly feelings for a sexy local surfer can alter that can it?

Graduation changes everything.

Almost three years later, and Macks high school dreams are just thatfigments of her imagination, thanks to the guilt that haunts her on a daily basis. Will a faux relationship with Byron Leckie be the thing she needs to get her life back on track? Or will it make everything worse?

One thing is for certain. When these two collide, the damage will be fierce. After all, graduation was never meant to end like this.

ARC received for an honest review

Seeking Faith follows the same timeline as Losing Faith, however this story is told from the POV of Mack - Faith's other best friend.

And I have to say....

WOW!  This book just blew me away!  I loved Lacey and Quade's story, but man oh man I LOVED Mack and Byron's story.

This book was just filled with so much emotion.  Guilt, regret, love and loss.  There is an air of mystery and suspense around Mack that Ms McKellar really did keep close to her chest, and I was completely taken by surprise when all was revealed.

My heart ached for Mack, over and over as more was revealed of the events those years ago.  And I was more than surprised as we learn more about Faith - there was just so much more than meets the eye with her.

Byron was just.... Byron - there is no words to describe him other than .. sigh.  From the minute we met him, all that they go through, all that we learn, he never wavered from his feelings, what he wants.

And I just love him more for it.

It was great that we got to see Lacey and Quade through Mack's eyes.  I also love (and loathed) some of the secondary character - really went from one end of the spectrum to the other with some of them!

This collaboration between Jennifer Ryder between Ms Ryder and Mc McKellar is a thing of beauty, and I hope they work together again in the future.



Jennifer Ryder is a bestselling author with five novels in the Spark Series published to date. She loves to write about boys on dirt bikes, detectives and strong females who arent afraid to fight for what they want.

Living on a rural property in New South Wales, Australia, she enjoys the best of city and country. Her loving husband is ever willing to provide inspiration, and her two young cherubs, and sheep that don't see fences as barriers, keep life more than interesting.

Lauren K. McKellar is the author of contemporary reads that make you feel. With a passion for all books Young and New Adult, she is currently the author of five self-published books, all of which have held top 50 charting places digitally within Australia. Lauren loves to write about real-life issues, and is a passionate researcher when it comes to her work. Shes a big believer in creating works that make people feel.

Lauren lives by the beach in Australia with her husband and their two dogs. Most of the time, all three of them are well behaved.

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